Canonical Rolls Out Ubuntu Linux 14.04.1 Updates

Just days after marking the end of life of Ubuntu 13.10, Canonical has released Ubuntu 14.04.1 LTS, the newest version of its open source Linux operating system for desktops, servers, the cloud and (coming soon, maybe) mobile devices.

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GOGs offers up Linux games, Steam Controller speculation, and more

Back in March, the digital games distribution site (which, believe it or not, is owned by Poland’s CD Projekt RED) announced it would be adding support for Linux. This week, ahead of schedule, 50 games were released on the site with support for Ubuntu and Linux Mint. Most of the games on the list were already released with Linux support, but a few notables are out on Linux for the first time. Check out GamingOnLinux for an interview about the release and be sure to check out the promotional sale before it ends on Monday.


GOG's Mistaken Giveaway, Ubuntu 14.04.1 LTS, and Wayland in KDE

Today in Linux news, GOG accidently marked a lot of games as free in cost after their big Linux announcement. Ubuntu 14.04.1 LTS was released today. GCC and Patrick Volkerding win awards. And finally today, Sebastian Kügler recently blogged about getting KDE Plasma working under Wayland. Oops, says GOG. In a thread on the forums, users reported getting as many as dozens of free games Thursday shortly after the announcement of the Linux games support. GOG quickly fixed the Website glitch and told users they could keep whatever games they’d been given. Most ended up giving back the games anyway. In other gaming news, Jack Germain discusses the state of Linux gaming today and how we got here. Also, GamingOnLinux linked to a new video teaser of the upcoming Unreal Tournament saying that it’s looking good. Red Hatters Matt Newsome and Dan Courcy today posted that "the GNU Compiler Collection (GCC) has received the Association for Computing Machinery’s (ACM) 2014 Programming Languages Software Award," recognizing 27 years of compiling excellence. In other award news, Willy Sudiarto Raharjo reported today that Slackware founder Patrick Volkerding has won an O’Reilly Open Source Award at OSCON 2014. Volkerding was unable to attend

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Distribution Release: Ubuntu 14.04.1

Adam Conrad has announced the release of Ubuntu 14.04.1, the first maintenance update of the popular distribution’s current stable release: "The Ubuntu team is pleased to announce the release of Ubuntu 14.04.1 LTS (long-term support) for its Desktop, Server, Cloud, and Core products, as well as other flavours….

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How To Install ownCloud 7 On Ubuntu 14.04

How To Install ownCloud 7 On Ubuntu 14.04This document describes how to install and configure ownCloud 7 on Ubuntu 14.04. I will also connect to the ownCloud Server's data with another Ubuntu 14.04 Desktop and a Windows 7 machine. ownCloud provides access to your data through a web interface or WebDAV while providing a platform to easily view, sync and share across devices—all under your control. ownCloud’s open architecture is extensible via a simple but powerful API for applications and plugins and works with any storage.


Ladies and gentlemen, Full Circle #87 has arrived.

This month:* Command & Conquer* How-To : Python, LibreOffice, and GRUB2.* Graphics : Inkscape.* Book Review: Puppet
* Security – TrueCrypt Alternatives
* CryptoCurrency: Dualminer and dual-cgminer
* Arduino
plus: Q&A, Linux Labs, Ubuntu Games, and Ubuntu Women.
Get it while it’s hot!

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Update für Ubuntu 14.04 Trusty

Das Ubuntu-Team hat aktualisierte Installationsmedien für Ubuntu 14.04 LTS und seine offiziellen Derivate veröffentlicht. Das Pointrelease 14.04.1 enthält die meisten der bislang ausgelieferten Updates und behebt viele Fehler.

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2014's Best Distros, Buncha New Games, and Fedora Delayed

In today’s news feeds is’s top five Linux distributions for 2014. One of their picks is said to vulnerable to attack and the proof has been posted. In other news, has rolled out support for 50 DRM-free Linux games. And finally tonight, Fedora 21 has been delayed. Our top story tonight is’s Distro Watch: The Best Linux Distributions For 2014. Danny Stieben starts his article with, you guessed it, Ubuntu and Linux Mint. Then he picked one for newbies, another for more experienced users, and ended with Tails for the security conscious. Speaking of Tails, folks are saying it is still at risk from some zero-day vulnerability. The Register says: Exodus Intelligence has revealed what it claims is video evidence of researchers unmasking an anonymous user of the Tails operating system. The security bods claim they can upload malicious code to a system running Tails, execute the payload remotely, and ultimately discover the victim’s public IP address. today announced support for 50 games, "classic and new," for Linux. Looking through the list of games I see a lot tagged with "first time on Linux!" One of the more interesting is Realms of the Haunting. It actually

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Ubuntu 14.04.1 LTS released

The Ubuntu team is pleased to announce the release of Ubuntu 14.04.1 LTS (Long-Term Support) for its Desktop, Server, Cloud, and Core products, as well as other flavours of Ubuntu with long-term support.
As usual, this point release includes many updates, and updated installation media has been provided so that fewer updates will need to be downloaded after installation. These include security updates and corrections for other high-impact bugs, with a focus on maintaining stability and compatibility with Ubuntu 14.04 LTS.
Kubuntu 14.04.1 LTS, Edubuntu 14.04.1 LTS, Xubuntu 14.04.1 LTS, Mythbuntu 14.04.1 LTS, Ubuntu GNOME 14.04.1 LTS, Lubuntu 14.04.1 LTS, Ubuntu Kylin 14.04.1 LTS, and Ubuntu Studio 14.04.1 LTS are also now available. More details can be found in their individual release notes:

Maintenance updates will be provided for 5 years for Ubuntu Desktop, Ubuntu Server, Ubuntu Cloud, Ubuntu Core, Ubuntu Kylin, Edubuntu, and Kubuntu. All the remaining flavours will be supported for 3 years.
To get Ubuntu 14.04.1
In order to download Ubuntu 14.04.1, visit:

Users of Ubuntu 12.04 will soon be offered an automatic upgrade to 14.04.1 via Update Manager. For further information about upgrading, see:

As always, upgrades to the latest version of Ubuntu are entirely free of charge.
We recommend that all users read

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Spiele-Vertrieb unterstützt jetzt offiziell Linux macht sein Versprechen wahr, künftig auch Linux-Spiele über seine digitale Vertriebsplattform anzubieten. 50 Titel sind bereits erhältlich, weitere sollen folgen. Offiziell werden Ubuntu 14.04 und Linux Mint 17 unterstützt.

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