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Ulteo — My digital life made simple

After the partnership between Gaël Duval and Mandriva was over, he was said to build an OS even more user friendly than Mandriva. The first Alpha release, which was presented really soon after the start of the project, did not surprise anyone as it was plain KDE with a new theme. Now, after two years, there is a successive release of the Ulteo distribution. The purpose of the Beta1 Ulteo Application System is to feature what it can develop into in the nearest future, especially considering the Ulteo Online Desktop.
To start with…

The idea of Ulteo is to be revolutionary easy to handle – the user does not have to bother about anything since the system manages all by itself. The intention was to prepare such a distribution that absolutely nobody would have problems with switching to it regardless of which OS one has been using before. KDE is the default graphical environment for Ulteo as it is based on Kubuntu, however, a GNOME-based release is also planned.
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