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Ubuntu landed on Berlin metro system

The guys from “Berliner Fenster”, a company responsible for the content of the television system installed inside underground vehicles (more than 3.700 displays) were so kind (thank you!) providing us with a spot for our release party this Saturday for free. So just on time with the release starting from today there are small spots viewable by an audience of about 1.5 million people per day according to their web site.

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2 comments to Ubuntu landed on Berlin metro system

  • Here in Germany we’ve a long Linux tradition. Do you remember Suse was once a german company before they became a part of Novell. I bought my first SuSE in the middle 90s.

    polarizers 2 cents

  • admin

    I know, that Linux has long tradition in Germany. From SuSe Planet is still good to look, how many Germans users there are. How I remember – SuSe main HQ was in Nuernmerg – I have visited this city three times.