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Ultamatix: The New Automatix

I guess all Linux users, especially Ubuntu ones, have used or at least heard about Automatix, an application that can install and uninstall the most used and popular programs. From multimedia codecs and archiving tools, e-mail clients and web browsers, to audio/video ripping and burning software, Automatix could do them all. Unfortunately, a few months ago, Automatix died (it was actually sold to the Pioneer Linux).

Today we are pleased to announce the Automatix replacement: Ultamatix! It is actually based on Automatix, therefore it looks and acts exactly the same. The good news is that Ultamatix is designed to work with Ubuntu Ultimate Editon 1.8, Ubuntu 8.04 (Hardy Heron) and the unstable branch of Debian Linux.

How does Ultamatix work? Well, instead of searching all day long through thousands of applications in Synaptic, in order to make your newly installed Ubuntu system exactly how you dreamed of, you can use only one software to install them all, in one single easy step. For example, you need all the multimedia codecs and all the archiving tools available out there – what are you going to do? Are you gonna spend 1 or 2 hours (or even more) on the Internet, searching for different guides or in front of Synaptic, wondering what else you may need? With Ultamatix, you can install all the multimedia codecs, archiving tools and the Adobe Flash Player for Firefox, and it will all take you 5 minutes and 3 mouse clicks.

OK, OK… now you’re anxious and you are wondering what the applications that Ultamatix can install are. Below is a list with some of the most widely used programs and the dozens of games that Ultamatix can install:

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