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Launchpad Wants to Host Your Project

Launchpad, the open source hosting site sponsored by Canonical (who are, of course, the folks driving Ubuntu Linux) has announced their 2.0 relaunch. The new version of the site offers several big improvements over the old one, and points a way for other sites to follow. But is it the right place for you to host your next project? Here’s a rundown on the new features to help you decide.

Canonical promotes Launchpad as being all about collaboration – which makes sense, since very few open source projects can thrive in the absence of an active community. To further this, version 2.0 adds a formalized way to do code reviews online, with branches proposed for merging spawning their own discussion areas and mailing lists. This ought to help raise the bar for good code entering into the master of projects, and make it easier for changes to not languish unmerged.

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