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Kiwi 8.08 release notes

Kiwilinux 8.08 is a Desktop CD derivative based on Ubuntu 8.04.1 LTS for the x86 architecture.

It contains packages necessary for playing restricted audio, video and Flash formats by default and supports the Speedtouch 330 USB ADSL modem.

The list of available languages is English, French, German, Hungarian and Romanian. It is the first distro to ship the Romanian OOo translations.

Differences from Ubuntu 8.04.1:

* Packages up to date as of the 28th of August 2008

* Thunderbird as the default mail client and Audacious the music player.

* Flashplugin-nonfree and all gstreamer codecs

* Compiz extra settings GUI

* unrar and msttcorefonts

* a graphical  tool for restoring  GRUB boot menus lost after installing other OSes.

* mc 😉

* the on-CD package archive is removed to gain 12M of space

The Medibuntu repositories are enabled by default to allow installing w32codecs, Skype and Google Earth among others.

The Kiwi package archive where our few changes are kept and which is a GPG-signed mirror of our PPA archive in Launchpad is enabled by default.

For more details read the Kiwilinux FAQ.

Download Kiwi 8.08

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