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Mythbuntu 8.10 Alpha 6 is on the prowl

Without further adu, allow me to introduce Mythbuntu 8.10 alpha 6.  With this release, we are providing mirroring on sponsored mirrors only.

It is very important to note that this release is not compatible with Mythbuntu 7.10 or any other MythTV 0.20.2 based distribution.

Changes from Mythbuntu 8.10 Alpha 4: (yes that’s right, no alpha 5)


* Lots of bug fixes across the board in Ubiquity and Mythbuntu Control Centre.
* Bug fixes for MythTV
* General bug fixes 🙂

Testing PPA

* We are introducing a testing PPA. This PPA will contain software that is either not in the repositories, or is a more current version that what is in the repositories. This PPA will not contain updated MythTV packages (that is what the weekly builds repo is for), but instead will contain new and updated packages for programs such as MythExport, MythNetTv, and MythVideo-Bulk-Updater. Information on this PPA is located here

For more detailed feature information please visit us on launchpad

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