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10 Reasons to Not Upgrade to Ubuntu 8.10

Before it is even released (at the time of this writing), I have already found a number of reasons why I will not be upgrading my various computers to Ubuntu 8.10.

Rather than highlighting my own experiences with why upgrading to the next version of the popular Linux distribution is a mistake, let’s instead examine those issues that potentially affect the majority of us. In short, if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it. Allow me to elaborate.

1) A history of broken releases

Despite having tremendous love for Linux and to some extent, Ubuntu, lately I have found myself torn. I first tried Ubuntu after dumping another popular distribution of Linux for it back with Ubuntu 6.06. For its time, it was fairly usable. Yet as new releases came out, I was beginning to see less focus on making sure it was ready to roll out of the beta stages and more interest in making sure the distribution remained in the headlines. To point out that this bothers me greatly really goes without saying.

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