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Poseidon Linux 3.1

Poseidon Linux was designed as a friendly and complete desktop, based on open source software and aimed at the Brazilian/International scientific community. This operating system is based on Ubuntu and inspired by Quantian Linux. It offers several specific tools in the areas of GIS, 3D Visualization, Mathematics, Statistics and several otherfields of research. It also has all the software expected in a modern desktop such as an office suite – with spell checker, web browsers, e-mail readers, instant messaging, to cite but a few.
* based on Ubuntu 8.04.1 and with security updates until 17-10-2008;

* for the very first time Poseidon Linux in two versions for 32 and 64 bits computers.

* updated packages: Firefox 3.0.3, Wine 1.0, GRASS 6.3, R 2.7.2, Spring 5.0 in English, MB System 5.1.1 beta 23;

* new additions: VirtulBox OSE, Open Universe Simulator, Gwyddion, SagCAD, Emacs (with support to prolog and Gri), Maxima, Prolog, Xetex, ghemical, Fontforge, Hugin panorama editor, Gnumeric, Bluefish, Avidemux, Audacity;

* Note: Terraview is NOT included in the 64 bits version.

Read more at Poseidon homepage

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