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Thoughts on Ubuntu 8.10.

Recently I finally got enough hardware together to build a new computer that will be used to test all the latest games and windows software on. When I built the new machine that meant I had my old main machine to do something with.

So I took my old main machine and thought I would stick Ubuntu 8.10 on that and replace my third machine I had that was a dual boot ubuntu / xp machine. I figured when I replaced this third machine with what used to be my main machine that Ubuntu 8.10 would really like the hardware since it was a AMD X2 4800 cpu with 2 gigs of ram and a geforce 7950 512 meg video card.

One thing I have noticed over the last few years with Ubuntu is people have always mentioned how much better Nvidia graphics cards were then ATI cards when it comes to how they worked on Linux. So I got the Ubuntu 8.10 live CD on the machine and loaded that up and was amazed to see that Ubuntu had put my monitor resolution to 800 by 600. Keep in mind when it did this I had a friend here that I was just telling how good Ubuntu was.

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