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The Xubuntu Difference

There are many different operating systems based on Linux: Debian, SuSE, Gentoo, Red Hat, and Mandriva are examples. Xubuntu is yet another contender in what is already a highly competitive world. So what makes Xubuntu different?

Xubuntu is part of the Ubuntu family of Linux distributions, and is based on Debian, one of the most widely acclaimed, technologically advanced, and well-supported distributions. Xubuntu aims to create a distribution that provides an up-to-date and coherent Linux system for desktop and server computing. Xubuntu includes a number of carefully selected packages from the Debian distribution and retains its powerful package management system which allows easy installation and clean removal of programs. Unlike most distributions that ship with a large amount of software that may or may not be of use, Xubuntu’s list of packages is reduced to a number of important applications of high quality.

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