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System76 Launches Ubuntu 9.04 Netbook

Less than one week after Canonical debuted Ubuntu 9.04 Netbook Remix edition, System76 is playing an encure by launching an Ubuntu 9.04 netbook. The move had been rumored for several weeks. And it’s certainly the first of many Ubuntu netbooks that will hit the market. Here’s a bit more about System76’s new device.

Known as the Starling NetBook, the System76 device features Ubuntu Netbook Remix 9.04, a 10.1″ LED Widescreen LCD, 1 GB of memory, a 160 GB hard drive, WiFi, a webcam, a 6 cell battery, and a nearly full size keyboard in a 2.6 lb. package, according to System76 President Carl Richell. Default pricing for the system — when I checked System76’s site a few minutes ago — was (US)$359.00.

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