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Canonical’s Ubuntu to Support Google Android?

During the Ubuntu Developer Summit (May 25-29, Barcelona), Canonical’s Netbook team is set to show Google Android applications running on Ubuntu, according to sources that will attend the conference. Here’s why Canonical is so intrigued by Google’s mobile operating system.

Let’s start with Android’s momentum:

* Google Android now runs on 1 million to 2 million smart phones and other mobile devices, estimates Newsfactor.

* Android sales are expected to grow 900 percent in 2009 vs. 2008, predicts Strategy Analytics.

* Android is expected to debut on consumer netbooks around July, reports ComputerWorld.

* And Dell recently demonstrated Android running on a Mini 10V (though Dell has not announced plans for Android support).

Meanwhile, Canonical continues to promote Ubuntu in the mobile world, including Ubuntu Desktop Edition (for PCs and notebooks), Ubuntu Netbook Remix Edition and Ubuntu for Mobile Internet Devices (MIDs). By the time Microsoft releases Windows 7 in mid- to late-2009, the netbook market in particular could face intense competitive pressures between Google, Microsoft and Canonical.

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