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Canonical Begins Ubuntu Server Edition Training

Canonical, as expected, has introduced training for Ubuntu Server Edition. I asked Billy Cina, Canonical’s Training Programmes Manager, for an update on the effort. Here are her thoughts.

First, a little background. WorksWithU in April 2009 reported that Canonical was launching online and face-to-face training for Ubuntu Server Edition. Training centers such as Fast Lane and Bridge Education vowed to offer the courses.

Now, the update from Cina. “We had the first beta run of the server course and it went very well,” Cina says. “A commercial services customer purchased most of the seats as part of their deployment package. We are now tweaking it before release for classroom instruction at the end of June.”

I asked Cina if Canonical plans to also introduce training for Landscape 1.3, the remote management tool for Ubuntu. “Landscape is part of the Ubuntu Certified Professional and Server courses; no plans at the moment to create an independent course for that,” she says.

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