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ZaReason Preparing Ubuntu Server, Netbook

ZaReason is preparing to expand its portfolio of Ubuntu systems — including a new server and netbook, according to CEO Cathy Malmrose. But that’s not all. US-based ZaReason also continues its push deeper into the European computer market.

I traded email with Malmrose about Ubuntu 9.04 and ZaReason’s ongoing business strategy. Here’s a look at our exchange:

WorksWithU: Ubuntu 9.04 — we’re about a month since the release’s launch. How are customers reacting to the operating system? Are you seeing any trends or customer feedback?
Malmrose: People have been generally pleased with 9.04. For most people, it was a mild improvement. We hear comments like, “Hey, they added a new theme” and “There’s unified notification now.” The improvements are the gentle background types that make the experience with Ubuntu better in a barely noticeable way. Looking long term, this is an ideal way to improve it — gradually building in improvements.

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