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PC/OS Open64 Workstation released

Today we are pleased to announce the availability of PC/OS Open64 Workstation 10. This release targets specifically 64 bit hardware systems. This release is based on the Ubuntu 9.04 base system and has been updated with all the security and bug patches as of May 25, 2009.

Some of the new features include:

XFCE 4.6

Openoffice.org 3.1

QT 4




Sun Java

Flash 64 bit plugin

Multimedia and development tools and libraries

All multimedia codecs

of course there are some issues and here are the known ones:

When you boot to the liveCD it comes up to the GDM you have to wait 10 seconds for it to login. Canonical introduced this in Ubuntu 9.04.

No usplash. Yes I know some people want the elegance but many of the custom Usplash files failed to load up. We are working on this and hope to have Usplash back in PC/OS Open64 Workstation 10.1.

On the LiveCD the panel launchers do not work. This is due to XFCE including a working directory structure to panel launchers. You can right click hit properties and set it and they will work fine.

There will only be 3 releases of Open64. Workstation, Server and core coming out later this month we are currently testing these other two releases.

We will not be releasing an Open64 desktop CD image unless there is significant demand for it.

To download the release you can get it here

You can get the md5 file from here

To support the project do consider buying the release from on-disk.com for $49.99 or make a donation.

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