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Ubuntu Netbook Remix – User Interface Pro/Am Opinions

I’m going to take a look at the Ubuntu Netbook Remix 9.04 desktop and user interface. My intention is to look from two different perspectives – my own, as a Linux “Pro”, and that of my partner, my neighbor, or others who we might consider Linux “Amateurs”, often having been Windows users. I think the results might be surprising. I will also include some comments about and comparisons with Moblin 2.0 Beta, based on my previous look at the Moblin Desktop and User Interface.

The UNR desktop is divided into three sections. The left section contains what is essentially the Gnome “Applications” and “System” menus, spread out so that they are immediately visible. For new users, this makes it much more obvious where things are located, and on the small screens of the netbook systems that UNR is intended for, it makes the entire menu system more readable.

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