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Why is Ubuntu’s KDE 4 so bait – No really why?

I had to ask this question as I am quite a fan of Ubuntu and have been for some time. Although I have at one time or another fiddled with all the major Linux distros since Warty I stopped distro hopping and settled down, we all have to one day. I have gone from Gnome to KDE and back again loads of times and thought nothing of it. Depending on how I felt on the day. I really didn’t have a favourite, although you have got to love Konqueror – ‘Do you want to accept this cookie’. There’s a reason it’s called Konqueror. Then, the news was released a new upgraded version of KDE, called – wait for it – KDE4. Just can’t beat pure imagination can you? I messed around with it a little, tried to follow the instructions to build it on my system.

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