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wattOS Beta 3 Released

wattOS beta 3 is now available for download. It is based on Ubuntu 9.04. It has been built from scratch using the Ubuntu MinimalCD.
What’s New?

All of the improvements that you see if Ubuntu 9.04 you see in wattOS Beta 3. Many of the improvements are under the hood, but improve the end user experience. Also the continued integration and evolution of the wattOS power management tool. Check out the announcement and screencast to see the basics.(right click – go fullscreen to see it clearly after launch)

Changes over Beta 2 – All of the changes that improve things like HW support, etc. inclusive of the ongoing improvement of Ubuntu.

  • Improved hardware support including wireless
  • Ext4 filesystem support that you can choose when installing from the liveCD (go advanced mode)
  • Updates of almost all the core applications (see release core program list in forums with versions) – in the notes to read section
  • Full LXDE integration instead of half way – so removal of idesktop and PCManFM and LXDE manage icons, etc.
  • Removal of Wicd and replacement with Network Manager
  • wattOS power manager installed by default. You only need to add your created user to the powermanager group after install to enable it.
  • Better clean up of old files and structure in the build
  • Addition of gwibber client

Please add to the hardware database when you get wattOS installed. We have success stories on many different types of hardware. Thanks for the contiuned interest! Like any ongoing project, there are going to be bugs. It will be an ongoing process as we improve. See them here for the current release and add comments and we will verify.
Download locations

Get the ISO for wattOS beta 3 Here and the MD5Sum Here

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