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Kubuntu Jaunty: Just ‘cos I use it don’t mean it’s good

I’ve been using Kubuntu Jaunty since its release, and quite a bit before that as well (during the beta phase). Generally speaking, I can’t do without it. I use it as my primary operating system for both work and leisure, and I’ve upgrade virtually all of my staff’s laptops to use it as well. For our intents and purposes, it does its job. But that doesn’t mean it’s not a failure, especially when benchmarked against its own lofty goals it set for itself.

Kubuntu is the KDE version of the famed Ubuntu distro. Having been absorbed under the same umbrella body watching over all Ubuntu derivatives, one would assume that the same values pitched for Ubuntu would apply for Kubuntu as well. “Just works” has always been a key target of Ubuntu and its lot. Sadly, in my opinion, it falls far short of achieving that. And no, this has got very little to do with KDE (version 4 or whatever) or the fact that we need to install proprietary codecs ourselves.

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