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Ubuntu 9.10 Preview: GRUB 2

Ubuntu 9.10 will use GRUB 2 as its default bootloader, replacing GRUB legacy. In this post, we take a look at some of the new features offered by this change.

Most of the enhancements of GRUB 2 will benefit only power users, since normal people are unlikely to want to boot to the grub command line to play with the features below (although StartUp Manager offers a GUI for configuring some of these options). Nonetheless, the updated version of GRUB is a complete rewrite of its deprecated predecessor, and Ubuntu follows other leading Linux distributions, like Fedora, in switching to it.


With support for variables, conditional statements and functions, GRUB 2 offers rich scripting opportunities. This opens a wide range of new possibilities, like checking to see that a given kernel image exists before trying to boot it, making the boot experience a bit more user-friendly.

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