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New in easypeasy 1.5

# New visual look by Lasse Sætre and Mark Basset
# Awesome Linux kernel (2.6.30) optimized for netbooks with faster startup built by Martin Bammer
# Support for more netbooks
# Hybrid image (both .img and .iso at the same time) by Phil Howard

* This makes it possible to move the image to the usb stick with unetbootin or dd etc. Which means it’s now possible to intall from a Mac

# Many bug fixes [1]
# Upgraded software (Picasa, OpenOffice 3.1 etc.)
# Built off Ubuntu 9.04
# Smaller harddrive footprint
# Uses the new ext4 filesystem as default
# UXA by default

* The first distro to deliver real composite desktop which means it’s possible to run 3D in 3D (ie. the netbook interface and desktop effects)

# Banshee as default music player instead of Songbird
# Lots of clever solutions when it comes to upgrades through repositories

* Ubuntu security upgrades are available to easypeasy users as fast as they’re released, while easypeasy isn’t overwritten by Ubuntu

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