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Mythbuntu 9.10 Alpha 6 Released!

Mythbuntu Karmic Koala alpha 6 is finally available.  This is the first alpha that we are providing mirroring for. Previous alphas were not announced, and only available on cdimages.ubuntu.com. With this release, we are providing mirroring on sponsored mirrors only.

It is very important to note that this release is not compatible with any MythTV 0.20.2 or 0.21 based distribution such as stock Mythbuntu 9.04. We do provide MythTV 0.22 builds at http://www.mythbuntu.org/auto-builds

Changes from Mythbuntu 9.04:

Underlying system

* Underlying Ubuntu updates (see http://www.ubuntu.com/testing/karmic/alpha6)
* Default partitioning recipe: Small swap space, Large Ext4 partition.
* Mythbuntu-Control-Centre has been revamped and is now pluggable.
* The new Ubuntu notification framework, notify-osd is included and activated.
* The installer now features a slideshow summarizing features.


* MythTV 0.22.0~trunk21954 included – 0.22 Release Notes
* New default Mythbuntu theme.

For more detailed feature information please visit us on launchpad

We appreciated all comments and would love to hear what you think. Please make comments to our mailing list, on the forums (with a tag indicating that this is from 9.10 or jaunty), or in #ubuntu-mythtv.

As previously,
If you encounter any issues with anything in this release, please file a bug on launchpad
http://bugs.launchpad.net/mythbuntu/9.10/ or use the Ubuntu bug tool (ubuntu-bug PACKAGENAME).

Known issues

* MCC Themes tab doesn’t reflect current themes available.
* xsplash and usplash not setup
* MCC automatic login plugin unable to handle advanced configuration files.

The ISO is available here:


i386 Builds

Desktop Disk Direct Mirror

AMD64 Builds

Desktop Disk Direct Mirror

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