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ZaReason Prepares Ubuntu 9.10 Server, Expands Customer Base

As Canonical delivers the first Ubuntu 9.10 release candidate to users, niche PC makers like System76 and ZaReason are preparing to offer Ubuntu 9.10 on their systems. We’ve already heard from System76. Now, let’s take a look at ZaReason’s system plans for the new Ubuntu — including thoughts about a new ZaReason server and an expanding customer base.

I traded email with ZaReason CEO Cathy Malmrose and CTO Earl Malmrose. Here are their perspectives on the new Ubuntu, and ZaReason’s next moves.

Catching Up with Earl Malmrose

First up: My October 20 email exchange with Earl. According to Earl, ZaReason already offers Ubuntu 9.10 on a pre-order basis and will begin shipping systems with Ubuntu 9.10 the day the operating system is release (Oct. 29). Earl says the upgrade is all about speed and performance — including a new version of Firefox that’s much faster. “For netbooks, that’s a big deal,” says Earl — who hints that ZaReason will be announcing new Ubuntu servers soon, too.

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