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Ubuntu 9.10 is the Appetizer; Ubuntu 10.04 is the Meal

As Ubuntu 9.10 nears its official Oct. 29 debut, the hype around this new Ubuntu is reaching a fever pitch. Some folks wonder if it can be the de facto alternative to Windows. I’ve obviously bet a portion of my IT media career on Ubuntu’s continued advancement. But let’s keep Ubuntu 9.10’s debut in perspective. Here’s a reality check — including a longer-term look at Canonical’s server and cloud strategy, which hinges far more heavily on Ubuntu 10.04 (Lucid Lynx).

There’s a lot to like about Ubuntu 9.10, and its emphasis on design and ease of use. Pundits say confidence is running high within Canonical. And Internetnews openly wonders if Ubuntu 9.10 can become the “default alternative to Windows.”

I prefer not to make such lofty predictions. Especially since Ubuntu 9.10 is like an appetizer before the main course: Ubuntu 10.04, a Long Term Service (LTS) release, could define Canonical’s success — or failure — on the server and in the cloud.

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