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Kubuntu Netbook Edition Preview

Desktop developers are starting to understand that netbooks need different interfaces than workstations — or even notebooks. The smaller screens on netbooks are a usability challenge, comparable to designing a business card when you’re used to creating full-page ads.

A case in point is KDE’s Plasma Netbook interface, now available in a preview in Kubuntu 9.10. Scheduled for official release in January 2010 with KDE 4.4, the interface is still in development. But it’s advanced enough to show the developers struggling with the screen size limitation, sometimes overlooking it but at other times showing enough promise that the main KDE desktop could learn a thing or two from it.

Plasma Netbook appears incomplete in places, and crashes randomly, so it is emphatically not ready for daily use. However, if you are curious, you can download a DVD image on the Kubuntu download page by selecting Kubuntu Netbook Edition beneath the heading “Which Release Do You Want?”

The disk image produces a Live DVD, so you can explore Plasma Netbook without installing it.

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