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Ultimate Edition 2.4 has been been released

I’m sorry for the great delay it has been out about a week, but I have had alot happen in the meantime. A burnt power suppy, a smoked 1 TB drive, Painted a house and cought the Flu  I guess it does pay to be a forum member. Read more

What is Ultimate Edition 2.4? Ultimate Edition 2.4 was built off Ubuntu Karamic Koala (Ubuntu 9.10) all upgrades pre-installed as of current. This release is the largest release to date (minus gamers) and is absolutely loaded with excellent tools many new to Ultimate Edition. This distro is lightning quick on bootup. I must apologize the USplash does however flicker on the screen when live; once installed works as expected. I do not want to point fingers on whose fault it is. Please enjoy ladies and gents. A ton of work went into making this distro, more then any other previous. I did have to learn a bunch.

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