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The Mint Newsletter – issue 97

* News about Mint
Linux Mint 8 “Helena” RC1 released!

Linux Mint 8 in your language – translations

Which dress for Helena?

More on Mint8 Artwork

The SimplicITy computer – a computer for the elderly with Eldy (see below) running on Linux Mint – it has received quite a bit of attention (BBC – google for “SimplicITy eldy)

Another apology to the mintCast team – the link to our podcasts were lost again – here it is

* News about Linux

Fedora12 was released

The new default policy for Fedora 12 allows local, unprivileged users to install signed packages without root access

Novell Delivers First Commercial Solution to Build .NET Applications for Linux with Microsoft Visual Studio

The embedded Linux MontaVista sold for $50M

Read more at Linux Mint Blog

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