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Zorin OS 2.0

Happy New Year everyone! We are very proud to annouce that Zorin OS 2.0 has been released! Zorin OS 2.0 is availible in five different flavours: Zorin OS Core which is the regular desktop edition; Zorin OS Gaming which includes over 40 of the best open source games; Zorin OS Multimedia which includes over 40 extra multimedia applications; Zorin OS Educational which includes many educational programs; and Zorin OS Ultimate which has some of the best open source programs around. Zorin OS Core is available to download and the other Extra releases (except for Educational which is available to order) are available to buy on DVD from the Store page. We have also created the Help page which is the Zorin OS documentation.

We hope you’ll enjoy using Zorin OS 2.0 and don’t forget, you can help us make Zorin OS even better by submitting your programs, artwork, ideas and more in the Zorin OS forums!

Wishing everyone the very best for 2010,

The Zorin OS Team

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