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PC/OS 10 released

We are proud to announce that we have just released the newest release of PC/OS. PC/OS OpenWorkstation and PC/OS WebStation are the two editions released. These replace PC/OS 2009 OpenWorkstation and WebStation. This release is based on the Ubuntu 9.04 series. Some of the higlights that target the new release are as follows.

2.6.28 kernel series
Skype client on both the OpenWorkstation and WebStation release
Google Chrome is the default browser for Webstation
All security and bug fixes applied
Updated OpenOffice.org in OpenWorkstation
Support and recovery tools for the BFS filesystem
Atunes is the default media player on OpenWorkstation

With this release we also released expansion kits which allow users to extend the functionality of PC/OS. Here is a brief breakdown of the expansion kits

Multimedia Kit – This kit has all the tools that you would need to create, edit and publish multimedia content. You can create a DJ workstation, Graphics design workstation etc. This kit is available with the retail release of PC/OS 10 available from On-Disk.com.

Developer kit – This kit has all development tools, including The mono runtime, Monodevelop, Gambas, QT Creator and Eclipse. This kit is available for free for all users

Office kit – Is for Webstation users. It includes AbiWord, Gnumeric and Mozilla Thunderbird and the lightning extension. The Office kit is available for free for users as well.

You can purchase PC/OS 10 from On-Disk.com

You can download the release from Ibiblio

The torrents are available from here:



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