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Install Chromium Web Browser in Ubuntu in 3 Easy Steps(Lucid,Karmic,Jaunty)

So for those who are wondering what Chromium Web Browser is all about, this is the original project from where Google Chrome draws its source code. I would personally prefer Chromium over Google Chrome, because Chromium is devoid of any kind of tracking by Google of different usage statistics, which I think is a breach of privacy(though you can opt-in and out of it in Google Chrome).

The only thing you will miss is the h.264 codec which enables Google Chrome users to watch HTML5 videos in YouTube. Chromium-daily launchpad repo will give you updates almost daily, and I have personally experienced a kind of robustness in Chromium which is so unseen in Google Chrome. Enough reasons to install Chromium in Ubuntu I guess. Lets get started.

Read more: http://www.techdrivein.com/2010/02/install-chromium-web-browser-in-ubuntu.html

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