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Interview with Amber Graner

Penelope Stowe: Please tell us a little about yourself.

Amber Graner: First, thanks for asking me to do the interview. I have to say I am usually the one on the other side asking the questions so this is fun twist. I am an Ubuntu user advocate, active Ubuntu community member, Ubuntu User Magazine Blogger and Contributor, and event planner as well as a wife and mom. I am quirky, energetic, loquacious, driven, and funny.

PS: You strongly self identify as a “non-technical end user” or NTEU, do you find this makes you unique in the Ubuntu Community? Do you think there’s a potential that you will move from “non-technical” to technical?

AG: Nope, as I am not the only person who self identifies as an NTEU, however, I think it is only a perspective though. For example, my husband is someone who has worked with Open Source/Linux companies since the early 90s, so compared to him I am not technical, however when I visit other family or friends who may not know what Ubuntu is then many times I am the technical person.

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