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Buck-security – Security scanner for Ubuntu Servers

Buck-Security is a security scanner for Debian and Ubuntu Linux. It helps you to harden your system by running some important security checks. For example, it finds world-writable files and directories, setuid and setgid programs, superuser accounts, and installed attack tool packages. It also checks your umask and checks if the sticky bit is set for /tmp, among other checks.It was designed for Debian and Ubuntu servers, but can be useful for any Linux system.
By now the following tests are implemented:

* Searching for worldwriteable files
* Searching for worldwriteable directories
* Searching for programs where the setuid is set
* Searching for programs where the setgid is set
* Checking your umask
* Checking if the sticky-bit is set for /tmp
* Searching for superusers
* Checking firewall policies
* Checking if sshd is secured
* Creating and checking checksums of system programs
* Searching for installed attack tools packages

How to run Buck-security in Ubuntu servers

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