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Ubuntu 10.04 makes filing a complicated bug easy for an idiot like me

I’m no kernel hacker. Hell, I’m no regular hacker. The most I can code that isn’t a Web page is a three-line shell script so I don’t rsync into the wrong directory. I’m just a user with a big mouth.

I don’t know exactly (or even slightly) how they do it, but after a crash while testing suspend/resume in the kernel while running Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid — still in beta as of this writing — I rebooted and got that little “something crashed” icon in my upper panel.

It asked me if I wanted to file a bug report, and I did, so after clicking a few boxes, a Firefox window opens in Launchpad (I have a Launchpad account, and if you’re a habitual Ubuntu user, you should, too) with the shell of a bug report, first asking me if my bug is similar to about a dozen others.

What? My problems be shared by others? Not in this case — to the best of my feeble knowledge, at any rate.

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