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Ubuntu: Matt Asay Discusses Canonical Revenue Strategy

No doubt, you know Ubuntu 10.04 debuts today. Most Ubuntu trackers are focused on the desktop and server editions — where Canonical seems to be making progress with ISVs and partners. But during a recent discussion with Canonical Chief Operating Officer Matt Asay (pictured), it became clear to me that Canonical thinks Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud may unlock key revenue opportunities for the company. Here’s why.

Of course, Canonical is pursuing multiple strategies to drive revenue. A few examples include:

Ubuntu desktop and server support
Subscription revenue from Landscape, a remote management tool for Ubuntu. Landscape is available as both as SaaS and on-premises solution
Subscription revenue from Ubuntu One, the online storage and file sharing system
Revenues from the new Ubuntu One Music Store
Consulting revenues from multiple projects, including Canonical’s decision to help Google with Chrome OS
Some new opportunities around Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud
How are all of those revenue streams performing? As an outsider looking in, it’s impossible for me to say. But my recent conversation with Asay offered some interesting insights — especially with regard to Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud.

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