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Ubuntu 10.04: Ten Days In

I’ve been using Ubuntu 10.04 on a production machine for about 10 days.  Now that I’ve gotten to know it better, here are some thoughts on what I like and dislike about the latest and greatest version of the world’s most popular Linux distribution.

Overall, I was impressed with Lucid from the first time I booted to a live version of one of the early alphas, and the release continues to please me in its current form.  The new look is refreshing, the updated applications are nice and my computer feels faster (although that, like most perceptions, may be mostly in my head; as usual, I didn’t run any benchmarks).

More specifically, I’ve enjoyed playing around with PiTiVi, the video editor that comes installed by default.  I’ve also surprised myself by not yet finding a reason to install the GIMP, which I was sure I would miss when it was removed from the default application stack.  It turns out F-Spot is equally capable of cropping pictures, which is pretty much the extent of my image-editing activity.

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