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HTML5 Video on Ubuntu

With my professional life having quieted down a lot recently, I finally got a chance to play with something I’ve been meaning to try since the winter: HTML5 video on Ubuntu.  The results made me pretty happy.

Steve Jobs and I don’t agree on much.  But one of the rare points on which we see eye-to-eye is Flash.  Jobs’s recent spate of highly public litanies against Adobe may be characteristically hypocritical (Jobs has famously condemned Adobe for being closed and proprietary), but they’re also accurate, insofar as Jobs points to flash as buggy, slow and insecure.

True, Adobe has done a lot to improve flash with the 10.1 release, which finally provides video offloading so that playing a YouTube video won’t give your CPU a heart attack.  But that feature, of course, is supported only Windows; Linux users are left out in the cold.  And we don’t have anyone of Steve Jobs’s stature to advocate for us.

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