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Editing PDFs On Ubuntu

It would be great if all PDF files could be easily manipulated without relying on bloated, proprietary, update-obsessive applications (I’m looking at you, Adobe).  But the fact that that’s not the case doesn’t mean Ubuntu users are out of luck when it comes to editing PDFs.  Here’s a look at some of the PDF editors available for Linux, and how well they work.

Short backstory: I recently found myself wanting to fill in some text fields in a PDF file that wasn’t designed to be editable.  Although Evince, Ubuntu’s built-in PDF reader, was able to open the file without a problem, it didn’t offer any functionality for adding or modifying text.  Neither did Acrobat Reader, which I also unfortunately have to have installed on my computer.

Not despairing, I fired up the Software Center to see what other applications were out there that might be able to do what I needed without making me resort to the command line.  Here’s an overview of what I found.

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