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Fixing Papercuts in Ubuntu Server Edition

ust about a year ago, Ubuntu developers undertook the first “100 Papercuts” campaign to fix trivial bugs on the desktop.  But servers get papercuts, too, and the server team has been working for the last several months on its own papercut-eradication effort.  Here’s a look at what’s been done so far, and what’s planned for the future.

Admittedly, the desktop papercuts campaign, which remains ongoing, hasn’t been universally successful.  Despite the many problems it has solved, some bugs have been left unfixed, and many of those that remain open are feature requests more than usability bugs.

All the same, from my viewpoint, the very fact that a desktop Linux distribution has put usability on center-stage is a success in itself.  The more developers put the end-user experience first, without the expectation that all end-users are geeks, the better off we’ll all be.

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