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wattOS R2 – released

wattOS R2 is finally done and released. The ISO is being uploaded right now and will be available to download within the next hour. Notes and version info, details, gotcha’s, etc. to follow later today or tomorrow (I am on an airplane). So if you are an early adopter, just know more info will be released here for notes to reference.

wattOS R2 – notes

Install is based on 10.04 ubuntu release

As in previous releases – the username is guest and the password is blank on the liveCD (just enter “guest” as the username and simply press enter when prompted for the password

To download the latest liveCD – go to the downloads area, then click on the small icon of a floppy disc next to the title

The power manager activation is the same as previous releases.
– Install LiveCD to hard drive.
– after you create your user during the liveCD process and finish the install
add them to the powermanagers group after reboot.
– reboot and the power manager will be in the system tray automatically at boot

– Changed the music player to Rhythmbox from Exaile.
– Added the “extras” package that offers support for MP3 support native as well
as DVD playback, etc. To make things easier. (Flash support out of the box as well)
It does make the LiveCD larger, but makes the end user experience easier as
the support for Flash, Java, fonts, and the things people like to do….Like
listen to music, watch movies, etc. an easier less complicated experience.

– Added LXDM to add a lightweight login manager and replace SLIM.

– Updated all packages to latest 10.04 supported versions
– Removed Gimp and added F-Spot
– Removed Network Manager and replaced with wicd
– updated Jockey GTK+ so it will be easy for folks to add proprietary drivers
– Did NOT install PCManFM2 as it still need a little more work to be completely
stable and ready

Much faster boot and install time, and overall responsiveness has improved.

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