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Editor’s Note: Ubuntu, the Bad Selfish Linux

You know it’s a weird news week when I defend Canonical. Once again they are under attack for not contributing enough, and for ascending to peaks of glory on the backs of Real Linux Contributors. Um, yeah. I’m not much of an Ubuntu fan, but this latest barrage seems based more on peeve than substance.

I use Lucid Lynx on my multimedia production PC mainly because it has a realtime kernel and packages the FFADO Firewire audio drivers, and I always have a the latest Ubuntu running on a test box so I can stay up to date. My main work PC is an old Debian box running KDE 3.5.

I get a little tired of all the Ubuntu hype and over-exuberant fanpersons, but we all know that comes with popularity, and Ubuntu is very popular. Back before Ubuntu it was Red Hat and Debian that had annoying fanpersons and overheated hype.

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