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Ubuntu Netbook Edition Review

I got a very good conditioned asus eeepc 701 and the first distro of choice after chatting on freenode channel #eeepc was ubuntu netbook edition or une for short (10.04 Lucid). I took the advice and installed away via the instructions from the webpage but there was a glitch.. I ended up having to mount the usb and having to rename the file isolinux.cfg inside of the isolinux directory to syslinux.cfg as well as renaming the folder isolinux to syslinux.

The install is simple enough I don’t have to tell you that. I let the installer have it’s way with the 4GB solid state disk soldered into this netbook. But why does une require 4GB of space for netbooks ? Well, it turns out that shotwell had not managed to replace f-spot as of yet and tomboy is still being used by mono as well even though gnote exists along with the countless other “note” taking applications. So many applications installed by default, needless to say I freed up over 1.4GB of space by removing lots and lots of unneeded applications.

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