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How we build Ubuntu

Ubuntu is one of the most polished Linux distributions available, fusing the work of a global community of contributors who provide a diverse range of skills to make Ubuntu what it is.

While we all enjoy the fruits of a new Ubuntu release every six months, many people have asked the team over the years how this wide range of contributors manage to come together to build a new Ubuntu release.

In this article we’re going to explain how a new Ubuntu release is made, what kind of skills and talent go into it, and what organisational structure we use to bring together this range of contributions into one cohesive unit.

Regular releases

At the heart of the Ubuntu project is a commitment to deliver a new release every six months. Unlike many software projects that identify a set of core features to deliver in a release, and who are often willing to delay the release until those features are complete, Ubuntu never releases late. If a given feature will not be ready in time for release, we bump the feature, not delay the release.

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