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Pinguy OS released and Review included

A couple of months ago I released Pinguy OS and posted about it here.Since then it has had many improvements and bug fixes, so if you had any problems with it before they should now be fixed.

Pinguy OS an out-of-the-box working operating system for everyone, not just geeks 😉

This OS is for people that have never used Linux before or for people that just want an out-of-the-box working OS without doing all the tweaks and enhancements that everyone seems to do when installing a fresh copy of Ubuntu or other Linux based Distro’s.

What Is Pinguy OS?

Ubuntu is a great OS and undoubtedly the most popular and easiest Linux based Distro to use but even with its default setup and chosen programs it’s still lacking functionality and ease of use for most new users. So what I decided to do was build a Distro that looks good, could do everything most user would ever want to do and that was very simple to use.

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