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Linux Mint: the tastier Ubuntu

Launched in October of 2004, Linux Mint has rapidly emerged as one of the most popular desktop Linux distributions. In this review, LinuxTrends takes a look at the latest Linux Mint release and finds it to be preferable to Ubuntu (on which it’s based) in several significant ways.

Linux Mint’s website claims Mint to be “the fourth most widely used home operating system behind Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac OS, and Canonical’s Ubuntu.” While the evidence behind that claim is unspecified, data from Google Insights for Search does indicate Linux Mint to be the most popular of what LinuxTrends has dubbed the “newer second tier distributions.” Additionally, Mint currently ranks third among Linuxes of all types — behind only Ubuntu and Fedora — on DistroWatch.com‘s “Page Hit Ranking” list (see hand-hand column of DW’s home page).

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