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Trisquel 4.0 LTS

Before I get into this review, I wanted to announce my new blog: Eye On Linux. EOL is a complementary blog to Desktop Linux Reviews. DLR focuses solely on distro reviews, while EOL will contain opinion columns, quick looks at minor distro updates, roundups and other articles of interest. So please do drop by the new blog and check it out. I’ll be adding content to it each week. You can subscribe via RSS or email as well.

And now on with the review…

There are Linux distros that contain some free software and there are Linux distros that contain only free software. Trisquel is one of the latter distros; you will find only free software included with it. If you want proprietary software, you’ll definitely have to look elsewhere. Trisquel is perfect for Linux purists who only want truly free software on their computers. If you aren’t sure what the term “free software” means, here’s a good definition from the Trisquel FAQ:

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