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Ultimate Edition 2.8

Ultimate Edition 2.8?

What is Ultimate Edition 2.8?  Ultimate Edition was built off Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat.  All updates fully updated / upgraded.  The software you have came to love with previous editions of Ultimate Edition have been also pre-installed along with 12 new ones.  I must apologise at time of build Cinelerra & wine doors were currently broken and did not make the cut.

I also want to apologise for the delay and at the same time thank my admin for the delay of Ultimate Edition 2.8′s release.  Many issues have been squashed in 2.8 because of the delay.  I do want to give a shout out to JohnnyG. Many were cosmetic, he has a real eye for detail and breaking things down to a programmers level.  Thanks again JohnnyG.  Cowboy’s handiwork at the theme has won the poll and will be deemed “Cowboy Blue”.  This is not the end of the thanks that need to be dropped simply the tip of the iceberg.  I would be chatter boxing all day to give the kudos where they lie.  No, I do not do everything.  Don’t like the blue theme?  There are 107 themes to choose from, it does not have to be dark.

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