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When is a Gnome Not a Gnome? In Ubuntu 11.04!

At the Ubuntu Devloper Summit on Monday, it was announced that Ubuntu 11.04 will ship with Unity as its default shell. It will still focus on Gnome applications, and depend heavily on the Gnome libraries — but the default interface will be Unity. For those unfamiliar with Unity, it’s the default shell for the Netbook Edition of Ubuntu.

Does Canonical have the right to abandon the Gnome shell for their flagship product? Of course they do, it’s their distribution. Heck, they kept it brown for years even when teased incessantly. Whether you love or hate the decision to move away from the Gnome shell in favor of Unity, it’s Canonical’s right to do as they see fit. Of course, it’s easy to change the default shell, much like it’s easy to change the default applications they install. To be frank, I dislike most of the default application choices in Ubuntu, yet the OS is so solid, I just tweak it a bit and I’m happy.

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