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Unity: Ubuntu’s Descent Into Madness!

If you ever watched the movie “300” then you know that one of the supporting characters proclaims at one point that “…this is madness!” shortly before being fatally kicked into a deep, dark hole by one of the main characters.

That, I’m afraid, will soon be the fate of Ubuntu 11.04.

I’m sure you’ve heard by now that Ubuntu will be changing its desktop interface from GNOME to Unity in Ubuntu 11.04. I could not disagree with this change more, for a number of reasons.

Changing from GNOME to Unity is truly madness on Canonical’s part and I’ll tell you why in this column. The first page covers GNOME, Canonical’s reasoning behind this decision and Unity’s proper place. The second page covers what an absolute mess this may end up being and what the consequences might be to Canonical and Ubuntu.

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