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Quick Look: Ubuntu Muslim Edition 10.10 (Sabily Al Quds)

A while back, I did a full review of Ubuntu Muslim Edition 10.04 on Desktop Linux Reviews. This time around I’ll be covering the 10.10 version of that distro. The official name of this distro is simply “Sabily,” and this particular release is dubbed “Al Quds.” However, I have simply renamed it “Ubuntu Muslim Edition 10.10″ for this quick look, to make it easier for folks to know exactly what it is.

As with all distros with a spiritual or religious theme, I post my usual disclaimer:

Eye On Linux does not endorse any particular religion or spirituality. Nor does EOL endorse no religion or spirituality. Such things are best left to each individual to choose for his or her own life.

One other thing to bear in mind is that I am not a Muslim. I cannot pass definitive judgment on this distro’s theological content. If you have any issue with that sort of thing, please direct your comments to Sabily’s developers. You can reach them via their contact page.

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